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  The Merchant Hotel Bar Book
Volume 3 | By Sean Muldoon & Jack McGarry (2009)
  Bar Library Volume 1  

Shaking up the Belfast Bar Scene by Luke Ryan

Local man Sean Muldoon, who has a reputation for doing
for bars what Gordon Ramsay can do for a restaurant, has
taken the helm with the aim of securing global recognition
for the bar.

“This is the one that I think is going to clean up when it
comes to proper bar awards,” he says. “For the people who
live here it’s a place to be proud of - somewhere very special
and different to have a drink. For the international visitor,
I think they will find something they will identify with and
really respect.”

So self-assured is Muldoon that one can’t help thinking
his vision for the bar might just become a reality.

Excerpt taken from The Irish News


A5 size
limited Edition
112 pages

“The Merchant Hotel Bar Book Volume 3”
Copyright: The Merchant Hotel 2003
Compiled and edited by Sean James Muldoon & Jack McGarry
Drinks mixed by The Merchant Hotel Bar Staff

£15 + P&P

  The Merchant Hotel Bar Book
Volume 2 | By Sean Muldoon (2008)
  Bar Library Volume 1  

The fine art of cocktail making has been my passion for the last 16 years. I have found myself driven to keep refining my skills and increasing my knowledge. This ongoing quest has taken me around the world and into the company of many of the world’s most highly regarded professionals in this industry.

Included in this book is a selection of some of the best classic cocktail recipes that I have encountered over the years. Many are long forgotten drinks that I have simply re-introduced with a little tweak here and there. Some are from other like-minded personalities in the bar industry and last but not least, a number of my own creations have been included.

I hope The Bar Book provides an entertaining and informative introduction to the world of mixed drinks. It may inspire you to try mixing your own cocktails. I certainly hope it will tempt you to try some of our excellent drinks here at The Merchant Hotel.



Engraved Wooden Cover
limited Edition
68 pages

“The Merchant Hotel Bar Book Volume 2”
Copyright: The Merchant Hotel 2008
Compiled and edited by Sean James Muldoon
Drinks mixed by The Merchant Hotel Bar Staff
Original artwork by Jose Ma Aurin Guerra

£10 + P&P


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